Simple Productivity

Below is an ultra simple but highly useful productivity sheet. It is inspired by a post by GlitterGuide. Use it to organize or urgent and important tasks on a weekly basis, or daily basis if you are crazy busy. Give it a try!


Productivity Sheet



Lessons from Dorm Life


For many of us, college was a long time ago, like 15 years ago. As someone who live in a dorm for 4 years (hey, it was covered by a scholarship), I know a few things about dorms. Of course there are the main pros: a sense of security from campus police, guards, cameras, and secured entries. Here are some takeaways we got from dorm life.

Minimalism. A dorm is a simple rectangle of a room, and a bathroom if you’re lucky. Furniture is provided: bed, desk, chair, and maybe a dresser or bookcase. There isn’t room for clutter and large things, so you live with less.

  • Adult translation: be mindful about all purchases to keep clutter at bay.

Multi-purpose. Items need to serve many purposes to keep from collecting clutter. A crate is for storage, books, shelving, and holding files. An over the door pocket organizer can hold desk supplies, toiletries, shoes, jewelry, and cleaning supplies. A shoe box can hold shoes, important documents like a passport, cut off the lid to organize a sock drawer, and hold electronic devices. A desk becomes a dining table, game table, and folding station.

  • Adult translation: think outside the box to reuse and repurpose items outside of their traditional uses.

Height. Since floor space is minimal, stacking things maximizes space. Hang items from doors. Use bookshelves or create shelves with crates. Stack a bookcase above a dress if possible. Attach hanging lights to the ceiling or walls instead of lamps. Also hang clothes so dresser drawers are repurposed.

  • Adult translation: floor space should be used at a minimum and utilize height in every room.

Nooks. Something like a window sill is a very under utilized part of the room. Buy small baskets or boxes to corral everything from snacks to makeup and store them on the sill. They are short enough so you can still see out the window.

  • Adult translation: find nooks and corners of unused space and create a purpose for them.

Let us know in comments below what college living taught you.