How to Set Up a Home Office


Take the stress out of setting up your home office so you can focus on your dreams.

1) Select a designate office area, such as a corner, walk, or room. In no way should it be the bedroom (exception for studio apartments). The bedroom is a place of relaxation and should never be used for work.

2) Determine necessities. Start by making a list of must-haves, such as table, laptop, monitor, keyboard, mouse, notepad, pens, and phone. Depending on your work or business type, necessities vary. Keep in mind that you want at your arm’s reach anything that is needed to make your work successful.

3) Choose the right seating. It can be a yoga ball, office chair, or anything else. Working from home empowers you to focus in comfort, so you should not skimp on seating. If you are starting out, a dining room chair will do the trick. Just add a soft blanket and pillow.

4) Prepare for standing. A stand-up desk can be as simple as stacking large books and placing your laptop on top. We prefer a tray with legs, such as a breakfast bed tray, that sits atop your desk. It can be assembled and disassembled in under a minute. Vasseur Beauty of YouTube inspired us.

5) Start and maintain a planner. This can digital, but we prefer a physical planner that sits on the desk. Feel free to make one that is customized to your work, like we did with a simple mini binder and calendar pages found at Office Max. A personal favorite for productivity tracking is the Productivity Planner by Intelligent Change. To create one for free, see our DIY here.

6) List nice-to-haves. By keeping a list of office accessories that are nice to have, you can shop online for them when deals are good. This just involves planning and patience.

Lastly, keep a gratitude log (free download here by Day Designer) and be thankful for the opportunity you have to work from home. People dream of it, especially those with children. One of our favorite quotes says it all: “The phrase ‘working mother’ is redundant.”

What would meek your home office a dream come true?



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