How to succeed in unemployment | Get support

You know how they say “Rome wasn’t built in a day”? Well, your career isn’t built by you alone in a day. You need the help of others, and not just their help, but also support. At minimum, you need the support of your spouse, partner, or closest family members. Their support simply needs guidelines from you. How one person supports another differs by person, and those closest to you may not know what you really need. 

1. Be honest. Tell them what you went through that led to your unemployment. Tell them to be on the lookout for job openings. Tell them to give you words of encouragement and exude positivity. Do not ask for money, as this will push people away quickly.

2. Ask and you shall receive. During your unemployment, you will land interviews and you will have to ask those closet to you for things like babysitting, printing resumes for you, or something else. Just ask and give them 123as much warning as possible.

3. References. Stay in touch with your references. These people can be former colleagues, bosses, or acquaintences. Add them in LinkedIn immediately, and drop a friendly email once a month, at least. Make sure you have their current phone numbers and email addresses. Of course, let them know via email that someone for a company will be reaching out to them to discuss your application to the company. Give them a friendly heads up. Keep references to the last five years. If you are truly friends with someone longer than that, then you can add them. However, employers want to speak to current relationships and those who have recent memories of your work. 


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