How to succeed in unemployment | Plan

Just like the fastest way to get over an ex is to move on to another, you must move forward after quitting or being laid off from your job. To help getting in the right head space, plan out the next phase of your life and career. 

1. Vision board. Grab a piece of paper or back of a cereal box, and add photos and phrases from magazine or books to visualize what you want in life. If you don’t have magazines around, sketch things out. You can start with a rough draft and add more to the board later. In fact, you can start with a rough draft and move to a poster board. During your unemployment, keep the board on your refrigerator or a wall you pass by often. It’ll serve as reminder to stay positive and put the past behind you. See our earlier post on vision boards here.

2. Journal. During unemployment, you feel many things, sometimes regret, anxiety, fear, and then joy and hope. To get all the feelings and thoughts out of your head and sprint, and into a book, start a journal. You ca finally use one of the nice notebooks you have lying around, buy a nice one from the dollar store (there are tons), or grab a regular old spiral or composition notebook. All you need is to add the date at the top of the page, and then go at it. Do a brain dump. Just get it out!

3. Calendar. Stay organized during this time and keep track of everything. That includes things for your children, spouse, self, and so on. Keep track of days you grocery shop and change your car’s oil. There is nothing you can’t add to your calendar or planner. This will allow you to see how productive you are being. In turn, it boosts your mood.

4. Career Map. Now is the time to clear your head and think clearly about what kind of work and workplace you want next. First, jot down the kind of things your want your next workplace company to have. For example, nice boss, good benefits, downtown location, free parking, training, and so on. Second, jot down the names of the top companies you want to work for. Third, jot down the roles or job titles you want. Last, jot down the skills you want to obtain. 


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