How to succeed in unemployment | Start small


Finding a job is a full-time job. You can easily spend an hour on one job application online. Also, driving to and from interviews, multi-hour interviews, multiple interviews at the same company, and so on.

To get you in the right mindset, start small. No matter what your last position was or the industry, create new jobs for yourself.

First, create or update your profile in Indeed, the online job board used by just about everyone. Upload your resume and update contact info. Take a hour to search for jobs in your area, and don’t forget to use the Filter button. Download the free Indeed app on your phone and tablet. Apply like crazy. Always include a customized cover letter, and always read it twice before submitting.

Second, create a profile on Upwork, a freelancer website. There are many tutorials and guides to help you set it up. Include a clean photo, so solid color background with you simply smiling. Include your resume with real details of your past responsibilities. To get paid once you land a job, complete the payment section at that time. With Upwork, you are alotted credits that you use to apply for a job, which is called a proposal. You may have 30 credits a month as a free member, and one proposal could take 3 credits. Scour the job postings and only apply to the ones you could really do and stick to. Many freelancers flake out, because not everyone can be a freelancer.

Next, visit ProBlogger for writing jobs that pay. The list is sorted with the newest at the top. Not all postings are gems, much like Indeed. Take an hour to really read through at least 10 job postings. Contact the hiring person via email directly, since emails are typically including in the descriptions.

Lastly, get a cheap and small notebook, like the one below. This notebook will help you keep track of jobs applied to. Do not trust an online version. Record the following info:

  1. date
  2. company name
  3. job title
  4. source (like Indeed or Upwork)
  5. contact from company (like “rejection email on 6/25”)



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