How to succeed in unemployment | When to Quit


You know you’re unhappy at work. Sunday night is the worst sleep you get, knowing you have to go to work (aka the devil’s cave) on Monday. You don’t feel like colleagues can be trusted, and you feel alone. Your mood changes often, and you fall into depression. ALL because of your workplace/boss!

Here are 8 signs not to ignore:

  1. Bullying by boss
  2. Sudden move to a different role or department without discussing it with you
  3. No bonus or increase in pay following positive evaluation
  4. Observe favoritism of other colleagues by boss
  5. Boss ignores you for weeks or months
  6. Boss takes away your duties
  7. Boss appoints colleague, not a manager, to manage you and your work
  8. You overhear terrible and false things said about you by boss

It goes without saying that you should dust off your resume if you exerience any or all signs. When in a toxic workplace, you feel discouraged and not confident to find a new job. Sometimes, if your other income/savings allow it, you can quit without a new job lined up. This is the time to listen to yourself, trust yourself, and make a makir move.


2 thoughts on “How to succeed in unemployment | When to Quit

  1. Dear officebeautifulnet,
    thank you for your wonderful articel.
    I feel in love with the wooden desk on the first picture where there is the tall plant on the right side. Could you please tell me from where you got that photo so that I can gind where I could find such a table?
    Thanks a lot


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