Alpha M Office by Aaron Marino

Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and Shark Tank alumnus, Aaron Marino, created Alpha M LLC to help men with style, fitness, and grooming. His Marietta, Georgia office is ultra masculine and fits his big personality. He even created his desk and set up his recording studio using items from Home Depot. The office features exposed brick walls, hardwood floors, and grey painted walls. Besides cashing in on YouTube, Aaron created Pete & Pedro, a men’s hair care line. 

A butcher block became a desk, and repurposed iron machinery parts became conference table legs. Aaron’s bookcase features unique art, family funeral cards, and YouTube video planning journals. His journals, which are simple composition notebooks, house over 300 concepts for videos shot. With over one million subscribers, Aaron has a recipe for success.

The office’s main entrance speaks to the style of the entire floor plan. Wood, brick, and leather.

A custom built desk with butcher block and metal piping for legs. Not to mention the comfortable wooden chair and director guest chairs.

Aaron’s office shelves are stylish and personalized.

Masculine decor includes tin containers, a grandfather’s toolbox, and a shark.

Stylish decor on shelves, complete with Starbucks plate and family photos.

Video journals, which serve as memorabilia.

Conference room with custom table, unique artwork, and organized shelves.

Outfits at the ready for shooting YouTube videos.

The storage room for Pete & Pedro products.

The branded restroom.

Photos obtained from YouTube.


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