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We are sharing this free PDF with you to help you get going on your day and life. Meet your goals, lower stress, and increase productivity. It is adapted from a soon-to-be published planner. The PDF in the link above includes seven days of the planner, or what we call the journal, that you could print as many times as you would like. Fold each page, cut them in half, hole punch them, bind them, or do whatever else you want to do with them. These pages are all for you.

How we use the tool

planner 1planner 2

  1. Start with the Weekly Planning page to plan out the week ahead and list important tasks.
  2. on the daily page, circle the day of the week that you are on.
  3. Write in the date.
  4. Write a brief description on lines 1, 2, and 3 of the most important tasks to complete today.
  5. Write in a target number of 25-minute blocks it will take you to complete each task.
  6. Once complete with you task, write down the actual number of 25-minute blocks it took you to complete each task.
  7. Include additional tasks on lines 4 and 5.
  8. Write down any notes or important pieces of information in the Notes section.
  9. At the end of your day, score how productive you were, and write down a comment about what happened.

It is very simple. It incorporates the Pomodoro Technique, mastered by Francesco Cirillo. Find more about this technique at The word pomodoro is Italian for tomato, and a tomato-shaped timer helped Francesco realize this technique.

For a great timer, see the Google App Web Store for the free timer, Pure Pomodoro, which is offered by Pure blue. This simple timer chimes when your 25-minute sprint begins and ends.

And don’t forget to share this tool with friends, coworkers, family, and anyone else in your life.


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