Why and How to Create a Vision Board

Hello office-loving friends! It’s Diana with Office Beautiful.

My life was different a year ago. I was searching everywhere for hope and confidence. I was making changes in my career, I moved across the country, and I still had to be a don’t-let-me-see-you-sweat parent. I consumed self-help books one after the other and I watched countless YouTube videos to help guide me. (Let me know if you want to know which ones.) Below is the vision board I created for myself and pinned to refrigerator. I used an 8.5 x 11.5 piece of paper, pens, magazine clippings, and tape. Keep it simple.

The Why

A vision board, regardless of size and crafting experience, is for you by you. You don’t have to show anyone or discuss it. You can make multiple boards for different categories if you want. It displays what you want in life.

Life is always changing and challenges pop up. Your vision board will allow you to focus on what is important and stay positive. Something like changing schools, losing a job, financial issues, and relationship difficulties may drive you to create a board.

Even when things are great in your life, a vision board keeps you on the right path and allows you to be grateful. Gratitude and gratefulness are to our souls like healthy food is to our bodies. 

The goal of creating a vision board is all in the act of doing it. We have to take action for things we want because life does not hand it to us. And, no matter how much we wish, the lottery winnings are not ours. Have you ever heard the saying , “To get where you want to be, you have to take the stairs” or “Always take the stairs to success”? They don’t mean avoid using an elevator literally, but they mean you have to work for what you want in life.

The How

1. Brainstorm. On a piece of paper, make columns of areas of your like, such as relationships, work, home, vacations, and volunteering.

2. Under each area, write down two to three items you want in a certain time frame. This will serve as the timeframe of your vision board. For example, I want everything on my vision board in 2016, or by 2018.

3. Using magazines or online images, find and cut out/print images that represent the items under each area on your paper.

4. Find a board, frame, or piece of paper large enough for your images.

5. Glue or paste your images on the board in any pattern or random order that you wish.

6. Using a pen or marker, write the item names or area names near the proper images.

7. Once done, hang it where you can see it but not in an obvious location. The side of a refrigerator or inside of a closet door works well.
Share your boards and comments! We love hearing from you!

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