How-to: Move Your Office

After moving a home office three times in two years, you become a pro at packing and unpacking. What appears to be overwheling can be easily tackled with the right preparation. Moving can be stressful, so make your favorite room the easiest to handle.

1. Prepare. Before packing a single thing, grab your phone and take a photo of each drawer and surface. This will serve as your guide when unpacking. While you may have a better memory than we do, still take a few snapshots just in case.

2. Tools. The tools to have on hand are: sticky notes, tape, scissors, box cutter, black Sharpie, pen, wide washi tape, and sandwich bags. Sticky notes, washi tape, and a Sharpie will help in labeling items placed in bags or boxes. Scissors and a box cutter help with, well, cutting. Sandwich bags are great for packing up like items, which make it easier to unpack.

3. Folders. Purchase an inexpensive crate, hanging file folders, and plain file folders to organize all paperwork and easily move it from location to location. Label each folder with a pen by category, such as insurance, phone, etc.

4. Bubble wrap. For all the fantastic trinkets and desk accessories you love, wrap them in bubble wrap, which can actually be found at Dollar Tree. Use packing tape to seal the wrap.

5. Purge. During the clean-out process, take the opportunity to toss or donate anything that doesn’t bring you joy or is not a necessity for your office/desk. The Kondo method of simplifying your possessions and creating a maintainable, effortless organization system is the best.


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