Basic Office Refills

Every productive office goes through desk and office supplies quickly. The big box stores are available to refill the basics like staples, paper clips, and tape. Join us in a revolution: refill supplies with style. So, we are always looking for ways to infuse style into our (usually) small work spaces. Upgrade your supplies with these stylish necessities.

Notebooks and Journals. These colorful notebooks from Poppin come in a slew of colors to help you mix and match your desired style. For the ultra classy office, which includes black suits, consider white, grey, navy blue, or black notebooks.


Planners. The uber popular Simplified Planner by Emily Ley is bright, fun, and extremely functional. This go-to planner helps you organize your life, not just your work.

2013 Shay Cochrane

Pens. Whenever stylish pens are around, somehow they go missing. So, we’ve pocketed a few ourselves. Poppin and other retailers offer pens in all colors and thicknesses. This refill is the easiest to incorporate into your work space.


Candy. This really isn’t optional. Consider one jars for each color of candy, like the photo below. A color scheme to match the rest of your office or desk is a great idea. We heart Albanese gummy candies, which come in amazing colors.


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