Five Stars for Yelp Chicago

Yelp, the review and recommendation site/app, customized its Chicago office in the Merchandise Mart to highlight the “raw energy of urban life”. The neighborhood is riddled with a river, eclectic offices, stores, restaurants, condos, and an elevated train. So, this office, which announced doubling its staff in July, needs all of its 72,000 square feet. The office space was designed to be very open, which mimics the company’s value in transparency.

“Layers of past finishes were stripped from the columns and ceilings to reveal the bare structure. Mechanical systems are purposefully left uncovered to feature their messy vitality. New finishes were selected to complement this raw and vibrant expression of the urban condition: rough clay tile, hefty timber planks, and bolted steel beams evoke an urban aesthetic. It is as if the offices were built with found materials beneath the El tracks or in some back-of-the-house service area. In addition to conferencing and teaming areas and 100 seat training room, the offices feature a 180 seat break area with full-time barista staffed coffee bar, post-work beer bar and game room.” ~ the design firm











Photo source: VDTA


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