A Gamer’s Dream Come True

We heart gaming just as much as you do. CoolBlue in the Netherlands speaks gamer talk better than anyone else. CoolBlue’s office, which is over 70,000 square feet, contains two arcades, 18 themed playful rooms, and 250 workstations. In Amsterdam, you would be in the lap of gamer luxury. This workplace inspires creativity and keeps you entertained, all important parts of employee retention and productivity. CoolBlue does not worry about a lack of candidates to fill job openings, at least not with the 10,000 applications it received in a six-month period to fill just 180 positions.

Welcome center, also known as the front desk.welcome

Ball pit collaborative space. Yes, please!ballpit

Ping pong and air hockey arcade/game room. You had us at air hockey!pingpong

Super Mario Brothers lounge. This makes our 80’s lovin’ hearts melt.cafe2

The picnic cafeteria.cafe

The monkey cage conference room.monkeycage

Our personal favorite, the Pacman collaboration space. This seals the deal!pacman

A pub-inspired conference room.pub

The lounge.

Street-view of the building.

Source: Recruiting Roundtable


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