Unboxing of The Cultivated Heart

The Cultivated Heart offers a free seven-day email course on happiness. We enjoyed free printables, Spotify playlists, and amazing advice. The Cultivated Heart sells a journal, but it’s not your typical self-help journal. It is a gratitude journal and much more. Sections include love, joy, reflection, and simplicity. It is a guide book for your life. We all possess the ability to reflect and manifest our future. If you are not married to the idea of a vision board, this journal for under $40 is the way to go. The Creative Porcupine, aka Amanda Knight, has a great story behind her creation and you can read testimonials of happy customers.

Start with the blog and free email course. If you feel compelled to improve your life more, purchase the journal. (See discount at the bottom of the page!) We made the purchase with our hard-earned money and want to share the unboxing with you!

Photo Jul 15, 2 09 35 PM

The box was larger than expected.

Photo Jul 15, 2 11 02 PM

The box was filled with gold shreds.

Photo Jul 15, 2 11 22 PM

A lovely letter was on top.

Photo Jul 15, 2 11 58 PM

The package include three tags, or book marks, of inspiration.

Photo Jul 15, 2 14 10 PM

The journal was wrapped in striped tissue paper.

Photo Jul 15, 2 18 29 PM

And it was shrink wrapped.

Photo Jul 15, 2 20 39 PM

The cover is incredibly smooth with bronze coil binding.

Photo Jul 15, 2 21 28 PM

The full package is the journal, letter, and tags. What an amazing surprise!

Use code LETSCELEBRATE from 7/23 to 7/24 at midnight EST in honor of The Creative Porcupine’s birthday. Take 26% off your purchase of The Cultivated Heart Guided Journal by using this code.


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