How to Dress for Work

At Office Beautiful, we focus on the look and feel of an office. A vital component of atmosphere is the people in it. Although each employer has its own dress code, most approve of a business casual appearance. Depending on the industry, line of work, and even if clients will be in the office, an office’s dress code can change day by day.

We have scoured the web for great tips and tricks to dress well at the office.

1. Office Lookbook


Mimi provides tons of inspiration with four outfits perfect for any office, even her casual one at Luxy Hair in London.

2. Style Bible


For men and women, Style Bible by Lauren is a comprehensive guide to what to wear to work. This includes accessories, shoes, scents, hair,  and everything in between.

3. Wendy’s Lookbook


Wendy is the mind behind the best scarf video of all time. She shares her fashion wisdom with what to wear to the office in this video.

4. Plus Sizes


Women of all sizes can look well put together with the help of Marcy for

5. Men’s Fashion Tips


Wall Street is known for men with great taste in fashion, and WSJ made this helpful video.


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