Ultra Feminine: Pink Done Right

From the chic office of relationship app developer Lulu comes an ultra feminine space sparkling with pink accents. The office overlooks the amazing New York cityscape, which is one of a kind. Inside the normal looking building is an airy open floorplan work space with the best office claimed by the founder, Alexandra. She incorporated pops of pink in everything, from the shelves to the chairs and walls to rugs. No stone was left unturned when she dazzled her office and meeting area.


A small seating area by the window is the perfect chance to decorate with pillows while keeping the chairs neutral.


Lulu thought of everything, like the small but utilized side tables and retro lamp.


When in doubt, decorate with painters tape. No one should pass up the bright pink tape.


This L-shaped desk allows the company founder to oversee her team in the bullpen.


Clear chairs with faux fur. Enough said.


No office is complete without a massive TV screen, which doubles for presentations.


Best contrast: retro lamp along side pink taped legs.


More pink in the bookshelf. Thin pieces of hot pink tape along the trim is a genius idea.


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