Masculine Office Decor Ideas

To make an office masculine, the basic elements are dark woods, metals, blacks, and hints of neutral beiges. We visited an office outside of Houston, Texas to see an ideal masculine-inspired home office. First, the owner highlighted his hobby and interest in planes, especially planes from the World War II era. With a simple wood art piece and framed images of propellers, the room comes alive with personal style.


Next, desk accessories tell the best story of the man behind the desk. A metal globe, simple aloe plant, and wooden desk organizer for pencils and paper speak to the minimalistic, clutter-free environment. The animal hide chair with wheels adds a new texture to the room, one that signals the Texas locale.


The desk is nestled between two wood and metal open shelving units. Again, simple decor make the room feel complete with small plants as natural elements, storage boxes, baskets, and the occasional white branch. The neutral area rug grounds the room’s style and makes it very inviting.


IMG_0795 IMG_0794


Globe / Basket / Desk Organizer / Ottoman


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