How to Lose Employees

We know you don’t want to lose your employees. You hire them for the exact reason of using them, not losing them. When creating office design that is collaborate, many companies miss the mark. An open floorplan can still incorporate privacy. No employee, developer or otherwise, wants to be a foot away from other employees. Face it, people have strange habits, they eat at their desks, they play their music too loud, and many other things that can drive desk mates up the walls.

An office space can incorporate collaborative work via lounges or private rooms. Productivity and employee engagement can and normally do decrease in uncomfortably close working quarters. See how these companies missed the mark.


Pool table as a conference table. How do you use your laptop here or take notes? Love the thought of a game room, but no game/conference room in one.


The glass privacy screens are barely making anyone feel private. You would definitely need headphones to work in this space.


This office gets points for style and art, but holy closeness of screens and people. This is a very  tight space for six employees. This makes more sense as a computer lab in a college.


The metal beam close to the computers takes “industrial style” too far. The beams don’t make sense. The computers and phones are very close together without privacy screens between employees on the left and right.


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