Office that Screams the Brand

Many offices are devoid of company branding besides an occasional poster with the company logo. Efficiency and maximizing space (square foot per employee) can take precedence over living the brand and company mission.

At Vans, famous for skate apparel and kicks, every inch of the headquarter office in Orange County, California screams the Vans brand. Skateboard shaped light fixtures, walls and doorways resemble ramps, giant skateboarding themed murals, load of Vans stickers everywhere.

If customers (aka super fans) visited this former electronics warehouse, they dare not question what industry this company produces goods for. Better yet, employees never loose sight of the brand and its core customers. Basically, the company’s appeal is all over its walls.

Vans_02 (1) Vans_04 Vans_05 Vans_01



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