Stunner Stairways

An office is not just a set of desks and conference rooms. The structure of an office shows personality of the company occupying the space. Modern elements like exposed bricks and ceiling beams reveal an appreciation for history, openness, and the classics. This time around, we are looking at stairways. Not just any stairways, though. Stunning stairways that make getting to your desk that more pleasant.

This wooden stairway and meeting space at Motorola Mobility in Chicago, Illinois is so unique. The ceiling and walls are wood plants. They resemble a house being stripped to its studs. This ultra industrial space works well with pops of red in the bar stools.


Chain in San Francisco brings a bit of whimsy to work with a tree-house like stairway that leads to a downstairs play area / lounge.


Nasty Gal in Los Angeles, California keeps to an industrial-meets-modern feel with an all white stairway. The above head wooden tresses and vertical beams make this large office warmer.


Madeo’s metal stairway is another symbol of the office’s minimalist and open vibe. Again, industrial feeling but always near wood.



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