Awesome Work Space in Austin

Ah, Austin. AKA Silicon Valley #2. This city is beautiful, fresh, and full of technology companies. Tech companies are in the forefront of cool and hip work spaces. Offices have open floor plans, retro furniture, inspiring wall art, few private offices, and great kitchens. Functional work spaces like this one at WeWork encourages loads of collaboration. WeWork gives start-ups incubator space, and wow, is it worth every penny in rent.


Lounge and kitchen area. Open floor plan, comfortable leather couches, wood floors, and tons of seating options.



More lounge space with darling footstools and modern coffee tables.


Even conference rooms are welcoming and colorful.


Private rooms with accordion doors provide a place to clear your head, take a call, or plan out your next big idea.


A grand room work space reminds us of college computer labs. Block out the noise around you and hunker down on your start-up. Talk about focus.

If this office inspires you, consider these affordable options:

Footstool \ Sofa \ Side Table \ Oval Chair


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