Small Spaces: Closet Office

Any space can become a special office where you can get work done, clear your head, and create! In our new series, Small Spaces, we feature organized offices and desks nestled in the smallest of closets, corners, and even under stairs.

closet office

Jen’s closet office will make you clear out your closet. It is simple, bright, and cheery. She can get work done, as she does as a blogger, and manage the household as a mother of three. She has quite an eye for the beautiful.

Can we just talk about the wallpaper? It is Sea Breeze Large Floral Trail from The Home Depot. The best part is the way the light glistens off the sheen the wallpaper. A feminine light blue color is just what this closet now office needed.

A clear chair makes the space look, well, less small. The last thing you want is to block off a small space with a dark or dense chair. This chair from Ikea could not be more ideal. It allows the Jen to see the beauty of the wall paper.

Cube Shelf \ Cube Drawer \ Lamp


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