DIY Desk Organization on a Budget

The queen of organizing, Alejandra Costello, is a must-watch on YouTube. Her blog,, features transcripts from her videos so you can make note of key points and tips. There are so many great videos to choose from, but the Desk Organization on a Budget encourages repurposing non-traditional desk items into desktop and drawer organizers. See the videos here and here.


Below are a few repurposed organizers that can make your desk shine.

  1. Mason jars. Perfect for markers, pens, and pencils.
  2. Cork boards. Use them in a group of three or six in place of an expensive board.
  3. Coupon organizers. These envelopes can double as storage for business receipts.
  4. Utensil organizers. Place a desk drawer to neatly store pens, clips, washi tape, etc.
  5. Small trash cans. Use three along a wall for trash, recycling, and shredding.
  6. Box lids. Corral like items like sticky notes and notepads in a box lid turned tray.

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