Ultimate In-home Employee Workspace

Ultimate In-home Employee Workspace

Small businesses and budding entrepreneurs struggle with the decision to take on an office outside the home. When starting out, a one-person home office is adequate, especially for we-based businesses. However, adding two to four people, either paid employees or interns, doesn’t always require renting office space and increasing expenses.

This ultimate in-home employee workspace is located in a former dining room. Four Ikea desks with filing cabinet bases and white swivel chairs are perfect additions for employee workstations that allow great collaboration. The desktops are large enough for laptops and simple desk accessories. When your employees work in such a close cluster, it is key to keep desktops clutter-free. The cabinet bases work to 1) corral paperwork and supplies, and 2) hold up the desktop. The benefit of an all white office: open/airy feel sparks creativity and focus.

Desk \ Chair

In an all-white space, decorating can be simple, like a grouping of wild flowers in a mason jar and a bowl of fruit. Clear desk assessories like a stapler and tape dispenser would work perfectly on this desktop as well.
Depending on the size of your home, this option may or may not be for you. If you require help, even unpaid college interns, consider converting your dining table to a permanent workspace. Employees will likely use your bathroom and kitchen. Keep doors shut that are off limits. If children are in the home during working hours, this will be a difficult environment for your employees, so consider daycare or an off-site babysitter. Focus is key.

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